Professional Photographers Enhance Marketing

Often a photographer gets cut out of the budget. With our iPhone cameras in our pocket everywhere we go, it seems like a ‘luxury' to have a photographer come in to take pictures.

Professional photography is arguably one of the essential elements to consider when embarking on any marketing activity. A picture is worth a thousand words but realistically speaking, you have 3 seconds to capture someones attention on social media - if that!

In those three seconds, the objective should be to educate, impress, and to attract new clients or followers.

Perceived Quality

Professional photographers near you can raise the perceived quality of your brand. Although your products may be well made, the images from your phone or that your friend takes in exchange for lunch that day may hinder potential clients because that quality has not been reflected in your social media marketing.

Versatile Images

High-quality photographs are also incredibly versatile and can be used over an array of media. Websites, social media, banners, promotional campaigns, and printed material are a few examples.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Websites with professional photography receive 90% more traffic than sites without, the first impression is important!

Build Your Brand Identity

A professional photographer can capture the essence of your brand and establish your brand identity. What is unique to your business? Discuss with a photographer, talk to them about your business and the mood you try to evoke. A professional photographer will be able to produce images that fit your style and cater to your audience.

Professional photography is a must for any business. There is a mass of competition out there; quality images will help your business stand out from the crowd. Developing a tone for your business will help you to campaign and build your brand identity.

At Hello Studio, we will listen to what you say and produce content that fits your identity. We know how valuable your time is, and will work to blend with your schedule.

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